Parramatta Road to Green Square – The next stage of Sydney's Light Rail 

ALTRAC's proposed new light rail line to attract new housing in rejuvenated communities where people want to live, work and play.

Sydney Loves Light Rail

light rail trips per year

development in the corridor across 1,700 projects

Passenger satisfaction for safety and security

We’re Ready

ALTRAC Light Rail is ready, willing and able to work with the NSW Government to design, build, operate and finance the next stages of Sydney’s light rail network.

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Parramatta Road to Green Square Light Rail

New Housing  and Housing Choice

New Housing and Housing Choice

Sydney is facing a housing availability crisis with its population predicted to grow to 6.1 million by 2041.

Light rail is proven to attract new housing investment. The Parramatta Road to Green Square line supports mixed use development, including social and affordable housing, all along the route.

Accessing Jobs  and Education

Accessing Jobs and Education

Light rail makes it easy and convenient for people to get to work.

This new line will put hundreds of thousands within a 5 minute walk to a light rail stop. It will also make it easier for students to get to schools and universities.

Building Communities

Building Communities

Light rail helps build communities where people want to live, work and play.

The Parramatta to Green Square line will be a catalyst for new housing and retail plus all the economic benefits that entails. It will bring people back to the footpath and support the night‑time economy because people feel uniquely safe using light rail.



Light rail attracts people out of cars and onto public transport.

This is especially important as Sydney’s population grows. The all-electric Parramatta Road to Green Square line can play a key role in taking cars off Parramatta Road and significantly contribute to Sydney’s ‘net‑zero’ future.

Number of new light rail vehicles – 44

Vehicle capacity – 450 people

Line length – 11km

Potential for wire-free running

Number of stops – 21 (approx)

Proposed timetable – every 8 mins 7am-7pm weekdays

Parramatta Road to Green Square Light Rail

ALTRAC has developed a comprehensive proposal outlining our vision for this new light rail line, and its potential to rejuvenate and tranform communities along its path.

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